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The foundation of Coffee Bar's coffee program is Mr. Espresso's signature blend, the Neapolitan Espresso - which you will find in all espresso drinks served at Coffee Bar.

The blend is based on a classic, Italian style formulation, reinterpreted and elevated through the lens of the San Francisco Bay Area's specialty coffee and culinary scene - the result is a true one-of-a-kind espresso experience. In addition, we offer seasonal, single origin coffees from amazing producers around the world, available either by pour-over or drip coffee, at different roast levels depending on your taste. 

Rounding out the program are Coffee Bar's addictive cold brew drinks, including our famous Horchata Cold Brew and Vietnamese Cold Brew, not to mention our scratch-made syrups - which are used in both espresso and cold brew drinks. All told, Coffee Bar's coffee program is about accessibility and should have something for everyone to enjoy.  We hope you will agree!

Coffee Bar espresso Bay Area San Francisco


Our coffee is roasted by the one and only, Mr. Espresso Coffee Roasters, with headquarters in Oakland, California.  Mr. Espresso is a Bay Area institution and a critical part of the Bay Area's rich coffee legacy, founded in 1978 by Italian immigrant, Carlo Di Ruocco. 


Carlo Di Ruocco played a major part in introducing authentic Italian espresso to the United States.  Carlo's son, Luigi Di Ruocco, is Coffee Bar's founder - and oversees the coffee program at Coffee Bar.

Mr Espresso Oakland, CA
OAK wood roast coffee


While gas is most commonly used to fuel the roasting process, Mr. Espresso is one of the first and only contemporary coffee roasters in the United States to roast exclusively over fires fueled by oak wood.  The advantage of wood roasting lies in the quality of heat delivered to the beans - wood heat has a higher moisture content which makes it better suited for slow roasting. 


The slow roast reduces acidity while enhancing body and sweetness.  The result is a coffee full that is well rounded, full in flavor, along with a beautiful, lingering sweet finish. 

slow roast coffee
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