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Shop Coffee Beans, Espresso Beans, Merchandise & Homemade Syrups!

Local. Hand Crafted. For Everyone

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101 Montgomery St.

San Francisco CA, 94104

Days : Monday - Friday

Hours : 7:00 am - 2:00 pm

Contact : 

Just one block from the Montgomery BART station!


433 Kearny St.

San Francisco CA, 94108

Days : Monday - Friday

Hours :Temporarily Closed

Contact :

415 - 795 - 1214

Find us next to the St. Mary's Square Garage!





The special and extraordinary happen every day at Coffee Bar. We strive to make the few moments you spend with us among the best of your day. Chatting with our delightful team, our tasty craft recipes with Mr. Espresso sourced beans, and speedy service will put a smile on your face. You've seen us on Goop, now come in and enjoy!


                                                                                             Coffee Bar- A local San Francisco original

This Is How We Do It
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